Simple Slide Show is an easy to use no-frills Windows program for setting up and displaying a sequence of pictures, whether it's a lecture on Ancient Egypt, your portfolio of glamour photos or just your holiday snaps.

With Simple Slide Show you can:
Screen Shot

Once you have set up your show, simply double-click the first image to display it full-screen on your monitor or television, and navigate through the show using the cursor keys.

With Simple Slide Show you can also export the entire show to, for example, a USB drive. This will include the script, all the pictures and even the Simple Slide Show program itself if required. This can then be used to display the show on another computer somewhere else.

Simple Slide Show was developed in order to show the photographs of my travels, as shown in the Travelogues section of this site.

Download Simple Slide Show 1.0.10
SimpleSlideShow.ZIP contains SimpleSlideShowInstaller.MSI and Setup.exe. Unpack the zip file and double-click setup.exe to install Simple Slide Show.
Note that Simple Slide Show requires the Microsoft .NET2.0 framework. If this is not installed on your computer it should be automatically installed when you install Simple Slide Show. If it is not you can download and install it here.

Simple Slide Show has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7. It is not expected to run on Windows 98 (but if it does please let me know).
Simple Slide Show is free software and is not supported as such. Having said that, I want it to work for you, and I will be extending it and improving it in the future. With that in mind I would very much like to hear your comments and suggestions, good or bad, and if you have problems please let me know and I will do my best to fix them.
Planned improvements for the next version are listed at the bottom of the version history. If you would like e-mail notification of the next version release, or if you have other suggestions for improvement of Simple Slide Show please let me know.
To contact me please .

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Version History
V1.0.6 21/10/10 First official release
V1.0.7 22/01/11 Improvements:
  • The .ini file is now stored in the user's Application Data folder (except when running an exported copy). Previously the .ini file was always stored in the same folder as the program file, which meant that all users used the same .ini file rather than having their own (on XP), and also sometimes caused issues under Vista and Windows 7. See also "Notes on the .ini file (for advanced users)" in the help.
  • Check For Updates and SimpleSlideShow Web Site items added to Help menu.
  • Changes to the script file by another program while Simple Slide Show is running are detected.
Major bugs:
  • Under certain circumstances deleting the last thumbnail caused a crash.
  • File | Clear File Associations had a bug.
  • Copying a picture file (eg from Explorer) and then pasting it into SimpleSlideShow (Edit | Paste Before or Edit | Paste After) sometimes crashed.
  • Exporting the Simple Slide Show program sometimes failed to export all the required files.
Minor bugs
  • a blank was added to the recently used file list if there was a script file in the command line.
  • The slide count in the title bar was not updated correctly.
  • In the Export Options dialog the Export button (if enabled) should be the default, but wasn't.
  • Right-click context menu items were not always enabled correctly.
  • When the program closed down, if the .ini file could not be written a crash occurred instead of an error message.
  • When copying files (eg from Explorer) Edit | Paste Before and Edit | Paste After were enabled even if none of the files was a valid image file
V1.0.8 05/03/11 Improvements:
  • Zoom and pan of the full-screen image
  • Fuller support for animated GIFs - previous versions could not handle a finite loop count, an animated GIF just looped forever.
Minor bugs:
  • In previous versions it was possible to view the full-screen image when no images were loaded, resulting in a rather disconcerting completely blank screen. This has been fixed.
V1.0.9 13/03/11 Minor bugs:
  • Dragging and dropping or copying and pasting files into Simple Slide Show sometimes didn't work properly.
  • The right-click sometimes didn't work on files that had been dragged and dropped or cut and pasted.
V1.0.10 11/07/11 Bug fixes:
  • The program displayed an error when a new script was saved. The script was saved OK but the message implied that it wasn't. This has been there since V1.0.7 and I don't know how I missed it. Sadly nobody reported it either which means either no one is using my program or nobody bothered to report it. Please report bugs, folks, that's how programs like this get improved.
  • When exporting a script the progress bar ran 'fast' and finished to early.
  • The destination folder for the export of program files should be saved between sessions but wasn't.
  • Some of the titles under the thumbnails were in the wrong position vertically.
  • Default file extension list includes .jpeg as well as .jpg.
  • Thumbnail numbering added as an option, with an additional option to restart numbering at section breaks.
  • Option added to remove initial numbers at the start of thumbnail titles - if the characters before the first space are all numeric they and the space are removed.