Dave Midgley

This site is divided into three sections:


is my personal album, containing a selection of recent holiday snaps, parties, plays I have performed in and other personal photographs.


was set up in a bit of a rush to publish the recording of my debut television appearance in the (now defunct) "Royal Today".

Travelogues (including Dave's tips for travelling in Africa)

contains accounts of various trips around the world, including how I went to Africa for the first time, got involved with the revitalisation of a wildlife reserve, and ended up falling in love with Malawi and going back several more times, and now including

The Great African Gap Year

in which I spend the whole half of 2010 in Africa doing voluntary work starting at Ripple Africa, at Mwaya beach on the banks of Lake Malawi, and ending up importing lion cubs for Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve before being struck down by a poisonous spider after only six months.

Simple Slide Show

Simple Slide Show is an easy to use no-frills Windows program for setting up and displaying a sequence of pictures, whether it's a lecture on Ancient Egypt, your portfolio of glamour photos or just your holiday snaps.

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